We begin in New Yorkshire, a large trade city along the coast. Robert and Azalie step off of a boat entering the dock district. Their boss, assistant director of the Feudal Bureau of Investigation Juliani , has assigned them to investigate recent kidnappings of noble women in New Yorkshire.

Robert Baq’Stabor (void4ever)
Lightfoot Halfling
Rogue (Lvl 3)
Azalie Leurona (Catzi)
Vengeance Paladin (Lvl 3)

They meet Juan, a Mexican Halfling, at the end of the dock holding a sign saying “FBI hare please.” After learning of Juan’s hobby as a woodworker he leads them towards the task force assigned to the investigation. On the way there Robert notices a disheveled African Gnomerican attempting to alert a guard about his friends being kidnapped by a crazy half dwarf. Unfortunately, Juan continues to lead further away and Robert is unable to question the man.

They finally enter through a heavy wooden door that leads to a finely furnished office. A Human male stands behind the mahogany desk talking to a hooded Dwelf ranger, a young Wood Elf druid, and an older salt and peppered haired Wood Elf fighter.

?????? (Morg/Kirei)
Ranger (Lvl 3)
Mairen Cae’lewni (Mama Void)
Wood Elf
Druid (Lvl 3)
Aelin Cae’lewni (NPC)
Wood Elf
Fighter (Lvl 3)

The Human man finally introduces himself to Robert and Azalie as Franklin Columbo. He introduces the Dwelf ranger as a specialist and an expert tracker that was called in as the situation has become dire. Gesturing over to the finely dressed Wood Elves he introduces Mairen and her older brother Aelin, explaining that their younger brother, Etrian has gone missing.

Columbo explains six noble women have gone missing and to make matters worse they have all recently given birth. Etrian is the first male to go missing, breaking the cycle. Etrian has been gone for a couple of days after acting unusual. Robert began questioning Etrian’s responsibilities in an effort to connect the disappearances. Aelin answers all the questions openly and honestly explaining the family business of apiaries. He, unfortunately, doesn’t know what his younger brother was doing before he went missing.

Columbo stated a black robed half elf, half dwarf male was seen around the times the noblewomen have gone missing. He goes on explaining one of the most unusual things at the scenes is the appearance of snake skins as well as a sweet smell lingering.

 “A great many of the mind masking spells use honey and snake scales. Very hard to obtain snake scales. So this is pretty serious. They don’t just lay around. You have to take this seriously! We’re looking for my brother!”

Columbo adds that at the 6 locations there was no disturbance, no clear signs of forced entry or kidnapping. It’s as if the women had just walked up and left. Mairen asserts that these woman clearly were not alarmed by the Dwelf that cast the spell.

“Careful now, we do not know the individual cast the spell,” says Robert.

“Did I not tell you about the honey and the snake scales?” Mairen states annoyed.

Robert grips his rapier and begins counting to 10, under his breath to relax. Mairen clearly is not impressed with what the FBI has sent to help.

Dwelf History

The Dwelf Kingdom was set in the northern continent which is primarily a nomadic and tribal area. About a century ago the Dwelf Kingdom sprung up and became basically an empire ruled by a democratic monarchy. A senator specializing in magic won over the entire council to the point that the King of Dwelftopia became suspicious of charming and glamouring the council.

The city erupted in riots shortly after an investigation began and within 3 days the capitol was destroyed by a large magical explosion. Not much is known about what exactly happened. The aftermath is a city in ruins, a great army gone. A thriving society fallen. The vast majority of Dwelfs were killed while the outer villages were left to the savages and tribes of the north with no army to defend them.

Shouting from beyond the door brings conversations to a halt as the previous African Gnomerican man that Robert saw outside is being put into custody and dragged from the building. “You have to help me! GOD! Save my fucking friends!!! He’s a freak!”

Robert storms out of the room ordering the guards to stop before being pushed aside by Mairen yelling “Bring that black guy back!” 

The two guards hauling the man away, stop and glance back at Columbo who nods and agrees to bring him to the room for questioning.

“What were you saying about your friends?”

“Some fucking half dwarf…” the man quickly notices the hooded Dwelf ranger eyeing him from the corner, “Not.. not her.. some fucking…”

“That’s a Dwelf.”

“That’s a Dwelf?! Some fucking … um… perfectly nice Dwelf.. um.. not her. Dude in black robes, had some other elf with him.. Kinda looks like him over there,” pointing at Aelin. “You ain’t him, right?”

Aelin stands tall, “I’ve been with my dearest sister all day.”

“Black man, are you suggesting… that my brother was in cahoots with this black elf?!”

“Madam.. my name is Tyrese.” They stare at each other for a second before Tyrese continues, “Uh, I’m not implying shit about your brother. I’m just saying that I fucking saw that frea— uhh, Dwelf and an ugly Elf in my graveyard. Listen, here’s the thing.. here’s the thing.. I don’t really have a home right now..” He trails off judging her reaction before confidently saying, “So if you want to put us up, you could totally do that.”

“We could discuss the matter after you–“

“Wait wait wait, listen I got a bunch of friends of mine right? We don’t have work. We don’t have homes… we’re what you call …homeless. We be looking for work. And it turns out hey, we got this great contracted job to bring stone into the local graveyard. So I was gonna celebrate with my boys.. right? Right?” he begins to trail off…

Robert encourages him to go on. Tyrese continues to explain he left to get some “water” to celebrate with his friends only to return to see the Dwelf and Elf taking his friends further into the graveyard. He called out to them, but they completely ignored him. He describes the Dwelf moving his hands and arms around frantically in circles.

Marien asks if he recalls if it smelled funny. Tyrese nods and states he was certain it was not the “water.” He begins cursing the police and Columbo yelling that he’s been trying to get their help since it happened yesterday.

Robert asks Columbo if there has been any reports of disturbances at the graveyard. Unfortunately, this is the only incident.

“Maybe we should get together,” Marien motions at Azalie, “and investigate the graveyard.”

“Smashing idea, dear sister!” Aelin claps his hands together, thrilled to be on an adventure. “We should all go!”

“Including, the black man.” 

Tyrese stands uneasy, “Uh…. I think maybe… maybe, I let the police handle this shit.”

The Dwelf ranger moves from the corner and begins walking towards Tyrese, “I think maybe you’ll come with us.”

Tyrese begins to back away before being grabbed by the shirt by the Dwelf and held in place. Accepting that he’ll be forced to go, he stops struggling.

Robert quickly asks “Columbo, could you use another informant?”

Columbo takes a step back looking at Tyrese, “Are you suggesting this mother fucker right here who’s been firmly abusive to me for the past 5 min would be of use to me?”

“Who better would know the underground, the streets? Who could go places your guards could not?” Tyrese quickly raises his hand. “Who notices things, that your guards thinks are complete bullshit?” 

“Yeah! What he said!” Tyrese confidently exclaims. “I know all that shit.”

“My brother and I would be prepared to reward you generously if you help us.” Aelin looks at his sister, tilting his head slightly. Marien quickly silences her brother.

Columbo considers Robert’s words. “We’ll hire him on, and I’ll assign him to you.”

Tyrese is still very uneasy about going to the graveyard before Robert says he’ll just have to stand outside and will just be needed for questions. Columbo gives health potions and gear to the crew before they set off for the graveyard.

~To be continued~

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